Enabling Innovation

Learn more about the Technology Innovation Office (TIO) and the Technology Accelerator Program (TAP)

About TAP

The Technology Accelerator Program (TAP) is an innovation initiative led by the Technology Innovation Office (TIO). TAP is tackling the challenges of rapidly delivering innovative technical capabilities.

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About TIO

The Technology Innovation Office (TIO) aims to inspire, ignite and catalyze exponential advancement in technology, process, and culture.

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Tools for Developers

Here you can find access to useful resources to help take your idea to the next level.


Idea Validation

Once ideas have been collected, the next step of exploration is to rack and stack the ideas prior to validation. The top rated idea creators will have the opportunity to take the idea to the next level. More information will be available once all ideas have been collected.

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What is Innovation?

TIO defines innovation as satisfying users’ current or future wants/needs by transforming an idea into a product or service with speed and urgency using minimal resources and costs.

Contact TIO

Do you have feedback or ideas to improve TAP? Great! Send your thoughts directly to us. You can also contact us with questions and comments.