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Our Services

International Calling Services

Now don't let the distance come between you and your loved ones. Because Spectranet's VoIP services let you talk at virtually local calling rates. So, no matter how far they go, they can now be just a economical call away!

Voice Broadcasting

Voice broadcasting is a mass communication system. It transmits messages to thousands of call recipients at the same time. The software manages databases consisting of phone numbers as well as the messages. Using VoIP technology, the system can broadcast thousands of messages to the phone numbers in the database. The advanced Voice broadcasting system can sense the difference between an answering machine and a human being attending the call.


VoIP offer a comprehensive range of managed services, like hosting and cutting edge colocation capabilities to keep your systems well connected so that you can focus on other business priorities. Colocation with VoIP is an excellent choice for any companies, large or small, that need peace of mind in knowing that their technology investments are secured in a high performance environment.