The art of sewing and knitting, as well as crochet and all the methods for working cotton and wool , is an art that has been handed down from generation to generation, even for millennia. In this guide we will give some very useful tips to all those who want to approach this art and do not know very well the little secrets for the success of small or large jobs . Specifically, we will take care of giving you some tips on how to prepare and make simple grilled kitchen pot holders . We will see what the procedure is . I took all the materials needed for the realization of this project, read the article that, in a few short steps, will explain how to do it.


Our Work


The necessary material

For the realization of a kitchen pot there is a need of about fifteen points (the more points you make the more your product will be large and of different use). For the first pass, take the free end of the thread with two fingers, the index finger and the middle finger, keeping the palm of your hand facing you. Perform a rotary movement from left to right so as to form a circle around the two fingers, and then insert the iron between them. Once this is done, tighten the knot that has come to form. Repeat this passage about fifteen or twenty times (the size you will see during the work process, to be able to decide at your convenience), to have the base of your pot holder.

At this point you will have to take the other crochet hook, which you will need to create the stitches. Put the free crochet hook in the last stitch created on the other piece of iron, which will be the one closest to the point. 
Roll the end of the woolen wire to the free iron, starting at the bottom, and pull the knot you’ve got out of the stitch, practically “coming back”. Tighten everything and you will have obtained the first stitch on the second crochet. In this way you will create chains, so called in the language of sewing, which will combine your two “work tools”. Repeat the process until your pot holder reaches the desired size.


Sometimes we women have a crazy desire to renew everything, especially the environments that are more appropriate, such as the kitchen. In this part of the house, we spend most of our time. Coffee and breakfast in the morning , lunch and it is very likely that we are there to read or watch TV until dinner time. At some point, however, we want to see some changes even small , but it is not always possible to change the furniture. For this reason, in this guide we will try to realize some decoration that can make our kitchen revive through the decoupage .

First of all the decoupage is a very old technique that literally means “cut out” precisely because some cut-outs are applied on the surface to be decorated. To start working with the work, we must first clean the kitchen doors well, removing all traces of dirt and especially grease. For this purpose we use a degreaser and dry everything with a lint-free cloth scattered here and there.

Now proceed with the “clipping” phase. We can use cut-outs from cards specifically designed for cutting (which can be found in stationery or from a newsagent) or, alternatively, any other cropping from a magazine or leaflets and even ribbons and lace. It would be advisable to use special scissors for cutting because they help us to be precise in the cropping but if we can not find them even those we have at home will be fine. We place the cutout well and if we have more than one we make the composition that we like best. Now take a drip brush and apply a pinch of glue on the cut and paste it. Since these are the kitchen doors, it is better to remove them to make the decoration because it would be really very difficult to do it on the doors still mounted.

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In a habitable kitchen (that is equipped with a table above the hob ) it is necessary to put a table with the right dimensions. The production of a table starts by considering the remaining space available, net of the measures required as a passage from the kitchen. In this way it will be possible to execute the table by purchasing the necessary material according to the dimensions developed. So let’s see how to build a rustic wooden table for the kitchen.
Surely the first part of the work will concern the design of the table. To do this, it is certainly advisable to take a sheet of paper where you can mark all the measures in the kitchen, including the depths of the cooking and supporting surfaces. Once this is done, you can go to the table: considering that this must be at least 50 centimeters from the kitchen, then a table can be developed with the relative measures. An average table ranges from 50 cm to 1 meter in length, and therefore given the available space consider the maximum size of the kitchen table that can be made. So choosing the ideal type of wood is for this reason some appropriate types of wood will be: lime, walnut, pine, sequoia. It is advisable for the floor, to buy a solid wood, that is made from the trunk of the tree that will give stability.