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Welcome to Wicker Baskets Mart!


When it comes to buying wicker baskets, we know you have many options, so why buy your wicker basket here?  The answer is in our product and our company.  Wicker Baskets Mart baskets are handmade with quality willow and are sure to last a lifetime.  Timeless style and innovative designs define our wicker hampers.  These baskets are light, yet sturdy so they can be easily portable to meet your needs.  We sell a wide variety of wicker baskets, from pet baskets to picnic hampers, with strict attention to detail.  Due to our superior quality and diverse assortment of styles and shapes, we’re sure you will find the perfect wicker basket to fit your lifestyle.


Wicker Baskets Mart customer service stands unmatched.  From domestic to industrial supply, we aim for your satisfaction.  Strong relationships, nurtured over decades, with educated, experienced suppliers allow us to provide you with the highest quality wicker baskets and hampers on the market at competitive prices.  Purchasing a wicker hamper from Wicker Baskets Mart assures you are receiving a quality product from an ethical source.  We are committed to high ethical standard for our suppliers and confirm fair employment rights, working conditions and pay.  When you buy your wicker baskets from Wicker Baskets Mart, you are buying a quality product from quality people.


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