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Department of Industrial & System Engineering, Faculty of Science & Engineering, Hosei University

Welcome to Management Science Laboratory

  We thank you for your interest in our activities!
  The members of our laboratory has been dedicated to develop solution methods, in terms of mathematical programming, for decision-making in various social and management systems. We take numerical, theoretical, statistical, and sometimes empirical approaches to target systems. Since each approach has its own pros and cons, we do not adhere to a single one; even-keeled is of the utmost importance to us. If you are getting interested in our activities, why don't you strolling around our pages for a while?

Research interests

  Heretofore, the chief research staff (Hiroyuki Goto), collaborative researchers, and some of graduate students have been interested in and addressed the following themes:
1. Scheduling methods under limited resources
  Keywords: max-plus algebra, optimal control, resource constraint, critical chain project management
2. Effective use of geographical information systems (GIS) data
  Keywords: digital elevation, terrain analysis, data coding & encoding, parallel processing
3. Natural language processing (NIP)
  Keywords: morphological analysis, indexing, classification & clustering, multivariate analysis

A mini poster (A5 sized) is here

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