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You can

Enhance the comfort and home experience of your residents.

Modernize your facilities.

Reduce your energy and water costs by up to 40%.

Access private capital with no financial risk.

Receive unrestricted cash flow for up to 20 years.

CTI can help you do this with a HUD-Supported Energy Performance Contract.

Message from CTI’s President to PHA Executive Directors

"CTI serves Public Housing Authorities by helping you achieve your vital social mission and critical property management goals. That's our only business. My top management team and I will work with you every step of the way to guide you to long-lasting success with an Energy Performance Contract. Please call me at (413) 548 8814 to ask about a qualifying review of your energy and water costs, at no obligation. We would be honored to work with you."

Craig Meadows, CEO
Craig Meadows,