Welcome to Alabama Vapor. Where flavor matters.

We have a large selection of flavors available. Our flavorings come from food grade products. They are generally used to flavor things like Cakes, Popsicles ,Jelly Beans, Cola (other sodas), Lip balm, Cheese, Ice cream, Syrups (used in snow cones, coffee drinks and liquors), and many other food products that you would never think of having flavor added to enhance the taste.

Everyone tastes things a little different and we know that. So just because someone likes peaches does not mean they like hard candy that tastes like a peach based on the flavoring. It also means that you may not like pizza, but the flavor of pizza flavored vapor satisfies your taste buds.

Many of these flavors are what is called esters. Esters are usually named for what many people think the flavor resembles. There are also many flavors that are extracted from fruit and have the name of the fruit as the flavoring name. Esters can be derived from a large array of fruits or created in a lab.

We offer the flavors as they come to us (Name based), and as custom recipes (Mixed). Both lists will grow over time, so keep with our emails to get all the new flavors, updates and special offers.

If you enjoy vaping, enjoy choice.

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