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The recent changes to The Education Act now allows schools to publish their school prospectus online. Your presentation is even more important if you want first impressions to count.

School Prospectus Company coordinates the elements of photography, design, copywriting, programming and print for your school prospectus whether as a printed brochure, a website page turning presentation or an App.

The creative process can cover an academic year or on an ad hoc, or project basis, but our task is always the same - to formulate high quality literature and materials which reflect the educational establishment, status and aspirational values.

First impressions do count. The school prospectus is in essence the school's calling card, portfolio, catalogue, directory, mail shot, advert and PR campaign all rolled into one.

It is the school’s most important marketing awareness and image-building tool. It needs care and attention if it is to work to the future benefit of the school, its pupils and staff.

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