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Gods of Apex

The gods are stirring! Ancient powers, beyond our mortal understanding, begin to rise in Pythagor Studios' latest game, APEX, in which you play as a misunderstood god. You are placed into an unknown land with no memory of where you came from. Complete tasks to gain faith, and use faith to purchase new abilities! Call lightning strikes, forest fires, earthquakes, and more! Place down edicts and create laws to govern your followers. Go to war against other gods to ensure that justice (or chaos) prevails.



There’s only one kind of human in space. Us. In Starfish, meet dozens of types of alien civilizations, based on archetypes never before seen in the realm of human existence. Discover gravity-manipulating nomads from a rogue planet, ancient record-keepers withholding dark secrets, sentient quantum computers taking refuge in deep space, and much more. Go through the motions of a real interstellar civilization taking its first steps into the unknown. Unite your homeworld, quash rebellious colonies, and send expeditions to faraway worlds. All the while, undergo the greatest research endeavour of your civilization’s history: Faster-than-Light Travel. You’ll experience the long, hard struggle of a colonist on an alien planet. You’ll know the uncertainty of a ship captain lightyears from home, with no means of return or contact. In Pythagor Studios' upcoming game, shape galactic history and advance your species to greater heights. Bon voyage.

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