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In 2005, Integrity Asset Management began using ProCollect. The partnership with them has been beneficial to both our on-site employees and owners. The reporting procedures that they require are simple and easy to use, making it impossible for the on-site employees not to send in monthly collections. In addition, the monthly summary reports that are sent via email to us are easy to understand and keep our portfolio organized. We are completely satisfied with the results that they have been able to achieve on our portfolio and know that we will continue to see the quality customer service, reporting and increased collection in the continuing future.

Melanie Bailey
Senior Vice President
Integrity Asset Management
(519) 654-4654

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As one of the nation's premier debt collection agencies, our goal is to achieve the best possible collection returns for our clients while treating debtors with respect and understanding. Focused on superior staff training, state of the art technology, and the highest commitment to customer service, ProCollect has been earning the trust of our clients since 1995. (818) 654-2247

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