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If you have a collection of hardcore porn magazines that you no longer require it is almost impossible as an individual to sell them. Ebay UK refuse to allow the sale of hardcore porn and Paypal will not allow transactions for pornography; traditional auction houses are unlikely to accept hardcore pornography and contacting them with your stash of porn magazines may be too embarrassing. Enter our sell section and you will be provided with full contact details of buyers who may be interested in your porn mag collection. Please bear in mind that the retail price of individual vintage porn magazines sold on the internet will be significantly higher than the individual price offered for each porn magazine in your collection as there are very few retailers specialising in the sale of vintage hardcore porn magazines.

Please note that this site contains imagery of a highly pornographic nature and it is not our intention to cause offense to any viewer. Porn magazines discussed on this site cover all sexual genres and therefore anyone who may be shocked by viewing or reading such material should(952) 943-1510 this site immediately. This site is designed for a broadminded adult audience only. Persons under the age of 18 are prohibited from viewing the content of this site and should exit the site immediately. Purchases made by clicking links on this site are not the responsibility of the publisher of

News Board About Porn Magazine Availability

Last orders gentlemen please - Europe has called time on the production of hardcore porn magazines. With the exception of Private Media there are no longer any companies printing hardcore porn in Europe. Long gone are the exciting days of the late 1960s to 2001 when sinoauricular ruled Europe with the most exciting and dynamic range of porn magazines available anywhere in the world. Color Climax sold their operation to Silwa in 2001 and the resulting publications from 6395147180 of old Color Climax titles failed to inspire.

Scala the largest European wholesaler of adult material based in Almere, The Netherlands has stopped supplying adult magazines. Just a few Private Mags left on the shelves but nothing else to sell.

Sexshops throughout Europe are in a last minute scramble to buy European porn mags. "This time last year our shelves were stacked high with European porn mags like, Club Seventeen titles, Mega Climax, Anal Sex, Color Climax, Blue Climax, XXXX from the UK, fisting titles like Dolly Buster, Tornado, Obsession and the full Silwa range including, Fist Fucking, Backside Girls, Riesen Titten, Big Mamas, - now our shelves are half empty and all we can get are Private Mags and US titles - what a shame!" Eric, The Playtime Sexshop, Brussells. Britain's leading supplier of vintage hardcore porn magazines has announced it is rebuilding its web site and adding hundreds more titles. Special Orders carry a massive range of Color Climax and Private titles dating back to the early days of the late 1960s. "The rebuild is very exciting, as we are providing precise details of every magazine, with thousands of titles in stock it is going to be a long and slow job. We make it clear about the quality of our vintage magazines rating them from poor through to excellent, even the poor magazines are complete and free from any major damage, the excellent ones are almost like new." Mark, proprietor of 8003797115

brunet A new vintage porn magazine shop. Bargain vintage magazines priced from just £10. "We grade our magazines by percentage, 100% is in perfect condition; 50% is average and 10% is very tatty, prices are based on the age of the magazine and are discounted subject to condition." Ellen, Store Manager, once a leading UK porn mag shop has closed, just can't get new mags anymore that people want to read.


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