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This exhibit features 51 images that detail various methods of technical communication used by organizations to communicate various messages to their audiences. It has been divided into two items (pages), one for private, and one for public organizations. The purpose of these messages and the ways in which they are conveyed are discussed individually in the pages to the right.

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Examples of technical wiriting around general aviation airports.

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Our exhibit explores techinical wiriting in the aviation industry and medical industries. The two fields include highly specialized language and steps that the average person may not understand. The aviation and medical field have a similarity that requires the utmost professionalism and safe operating procedures and that is having others lives in the hands of those in these two fields. Having a knowledge of knowing how to read and understand pieces of technical writing in both field can and will eventually mean the difference between life and death. So, we hope to emphasize the importance of technical communication in these fields. 

The Diversity of Technical Communication at Bridgewater State University

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Our exhibit shows the diversity of technical communication within our four majors: Health Studies, Secondary Education, Accounting, and Aviation Management. 


Technical writing is a diverse field that can be customized based on the message being relayed. Our project provides examples that show the range of technical communication being used at Bridgewater State University.


Our audience is Bridgewater State University students and also anyone who is interested in these four majors.

Layout of Our Exhibition

The tabs on the homepage are used to separate each field of study.