Rick McClain • Tim Smith
Aric Randolph • Cameron House

$140/person • September 14-16, 2018
Cedarmore Camp • Bagdad, KY
Add $20 for late fee, no shirt. Thursday night (lodging only) is $25.


DMG 2018 Info

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I bring?
    • twin-size bedding (pillows, twin-size sheets, sleeping bags, etc.)
    • towels and washcloths
    • toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving kit, etc.)
    • extension cord for more outlets to charge your phone, tablets, etc.
    • comfortable clothes and shoes
    • Bible, notebook, pen, etc.
    • old shoes (optional)
    • hoodie or jacket (in case of rain, cool weather, etc.)
    • flashlights
    • extra money for refreshment time (drinks and snacks for $1.00)
    • $11.00 per room for room key deposit (ONE key per room; deposit will be given back after the retreat is over on Sunday)
    • if you miss the deadline, additional DMG shirts will be available for $15.00 each during DMG (first come first serve)
    • registration form (with cash or check) if you have not already registered yet
  • What time should I arrive on Friday?
    • You can arrive at 3:00 pm or later.
  • Can I come on Thursday, a day early?
    • Yes! You may register for Thursday night 3206167081 for $25.
  • I missed the deadline for registration with a shirt. Can I still get a shirt?
    • Yes, you can buy a shirt at DMG. They are first-come, first-served. (More details to come on the cost, etc.)
  • I missed the deadline for registration. Can I still come to DMG?
    • Yes, you can still come and register at DMG. Just print the registration form, fill it out, and bring it with cash or check.
  • Will there be wifi or Internet access?
    • Yes.


/ Registration

  • Please choose one of the following:

Online Registration

Paper Registration

    • If you would prefer not to register online, you may use this form instead. Just print it out, fill in your information, and mail it with your payment.

    • 440-252-5527

2018 Speakers

Rick McClain
Deaf Missions (Iowa)
DMG Guest Pastor: REVEAL 2014
When Dr. McClain served as guest pastor at our first DMG event in 2014, his powerful messages about Jesus set the tone for every DMG. Many men were challenged to face and reveal their internal struggles for mutual support, and impromptu prayer sessions ensued for hours. Lives were changed, not because of one person, but because of the Holy Spirit working through all to empower a brotherhood of men to join together in Christian unity with the goal of being all we can be in Christ.
Favorite Verse: Mark 5:19
Tim Smith
Tim Smith Evangelistic Association (Texas)
DMG Guest Pastor: REBOOT 2015
When Tim Smith came to preach during DMG's second year, we were in for a spiritual workout to reboot our hearts! Imagine a coach telling everyone to do 100 pushups, but wait, instead Jesus did all the heavy lifting. In fact, we found ourselves singing praises because the Joy of the Lord is Our Strength! And what's more, there were two baptisms; God is good!
Favorite Verse: John 3:30
Aric Randolph
Brentwood Baptist Deaf Church, DeafGO (Tennessee)
DMG Guest Pastor: REFOCUS 2016
Relocating to Cedarmore Camp with Aric delivering a deep message on faithfulness in marriage, we were challenged during the third DMG to "burn those ships" and to take "The Happy Wife Pledge." For many men, there comes a time to refocus and get priorities straight. If you missed it, ask anyone who was there to tell you about it, and you will be inspired to be the best godly man you can be in your family.
Favorite Verse: 1 Peter 1:24-25
Cameron House
The Deaf Church at DC (Washington, DC)
DMG Guest Pastor: REFINE 2017
Have you ever been through painfully tough times that changed you? Cameron has been there, done that! It is not always easy follow God's plan or even to know His plan at the time. Last year, he shared a deeply heartfelt and touching message about how he worked through a refining process in his life as a missionary.
Favorite Verse: Psalm 119:105

2018 Worship Leader

Brandon Gaskin from Texas will be leading worship this year. Get ready to jump for joy! Get ready to unite in the Spirit! Get ready to lift up your hands and praise Jesus Christ our Lord!
The REUNION is not only about seeing old faces from previous years and meeting new faces. Yes, that will be so awesome, and we can't wait, but it's also about worshipping God and devoting your time and praises to Him!
God is good, all the time! All the time, God is good! Amen!


Mission of the Gathering:

  1. Gathering = To come together for fellowship

    To bring people together from different experiences and different places to fellowship.

  2. Gathering = To come together for worship

    To worship Jesus Christ through biblical preaching, authentic worship and prayer.

  3. Gathering = To come together for fun

    Where men can be boys and have fun to make long lasting memories.

  4. Gathering = To come together for preparation

    To prepare men by encouraging them to support their local church by doing three important things: (1) praying for their pastors, (2) supporting the church, and (3) being actively involved in the ministry.

  5. Gathering = To come together for a time of unity

    To unite men and reach out to others of different denominations to show love, give prayer support, and to practice unity with others. One God, One Lord, One Family, One Gathering.

Why do we have another Deaf Men's "Conference?" Don't we have enough?

Our world is falling apart around us. Men are becoming more lazy. Marriages are failing. Pornography is winning the battle against the minds of men, maybe even yours too. Our children are not interested in the church. But there is always HOPE!

Statistics show that when a child is the first to attend church, 3% of the families will follow. When a wife/mom is the first to attend church, 17% of the families follow. When a dad/husband is the first to attend church, 93% of the families follow. It is our goal to assist the other Deaf Men's Conferences to encourage, empower, and establish the biblical values in every man that comes to Deaf Men's Gathering, to be renewed by God's Word and restore the family the way God intends for it. America needs more godly men...will you Gather with us?

Contact DMG

Our DMG team's passion is to serve you and all Deaf men in our area, our region, and our nation. We are aware that there are many other Deaf men’s conferences across the nation, but we are not in competition with them.
If DMG is not in your area, we encourage you to check out some other Deaf men's conferences such as these:
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If you have any questions about Deaf Men's Gathering, please do not hesitate to contact us.
God bless!