Get a business phone number instantly.

Local and toll-free numbers that work on your cell phone with our easy-to-use mobile app.

Work from anywhere with a cloud based business phone system.

Turn your cell phone into a business phone system.

Install the Tresta app on your iPhone or Android smartphone, and you can go from personal

to professional with a business phone system that works on the cell phone(s) you already have.

Powerful Features
Impressive call routing capabilities.

No Hardware
Works with your existing cell phones.

Easy To Use
Simple and easy for anyone to use!

Give your business the right look and feel.

Tresta’s built-in features allow you to always present your business with your best foot forward. Offer an exceptional customer experience with features like easy-to-use call routing, call scheduling, custom greetings, virtual voicemail, and more. Plus you can use a local phone number to convey that neighborhood vibe or a toll-free number to show you have a national presence.


Give your business the right look and feel.

Keep personal and business calls separate.

No one likes to mix business with personal life. With the Tresta app for iPhone and 740-232-7199, you can use multiple phone numbers on your cell phone. It's simple - just use the Tresta app for business calls to keep your personal number private.

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Keep personal and business calls separate.

Connect anywhere, anytime.

Tresta allows your callers to reach you no matter where the workday takes you. Customers are routed to the right person or team 24/7, no receptionist required. And when you’re not available, smart routing lets you send calls to a backup person or team, or to voicemail. With Tresta, you can avoid missed calls, have happier customers, and close more deals.

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Connect anywhere, anytime.

Scale your phone system as your business grows.

Whether you have one employee or hundreds, you need a business phone system that can grow with you. Tresta's cloud-based phone system offers unmatched flexibility, so it's easy to start off with a simple business phone number for now and add things like extensions, call menus, and more advanced call routing as your business expands. With Tresta, you no longer have to worry about wasting money on a system that’s too large or too small.


Scale your phone system as your business grows.

Enjoy every feature for one low price.

Tresta’s virtual phone system gives you tons of big business features at a fraction of the price you might expect to pay. With our flat-rate pricing, you get access to every feature and unlimited talktime for as little as $15/mo!

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Choose a new number, or use one you already have.

Instantly add local and toll-free numbers anywhere in North America.