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We are now open in our new location, 10333 Businss 21 In Hillsboro MO. We re in the lower level of The Russell House Restaurat. Just folow the signs. see hours below.

When placing an order, Please check yor E-Mail for conformation before resending order.

We now offer Free Shipping on orders over $50. Bottles, carboys and 50+ pounds of grain do not apply. Actuall UPS shipping must be used along wth all foreign orders.

We are open Monday and Tuesday 9:30 til 5 PM CST, Closed - Wednesday & Thursday, open  Friday 9:30 til 6 PM CST, and Saturdays 9:30 to 2 PM CST.  Closed Sundays. 

Exclusive deal on Polish, German and US Hops. 4 oz pellet or leaf hops 6.99. This includes styles like: Lomic, Sybilla and Junga.  Find them under "Beer" then "Hops" heading.

Coupon/Vouchers entry is located in the Shopping Cart.

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