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About Me

A photo of me, Lewis Frater

My name is Lewis Frater and I’m 22 years of age. I’m currently a part time croupier at Grosvenor Casinos, and a full time student at Manchester Metropolitan University, studying a Bachelors in Computer Science, currently in the first year.

I'm aspiring to be a mixture of a:

  • Web Developer
  • Programmer
  • Software Engineer

I have the basic knowledge of each area and would love the opportunity to help expand this knowledge via a placement or voluntary work.

My motivation drives me to improve, and constantly learn new skillsets which are required within these fields.

My work place entrance

When I started my first and only job, croupier at Grosvenor, I was entered into a group wide Dealer Skills tournament for the dealers of under two years experience. I was just seven months in as a dealer, I came 1st, in club and progressed to the regionals (North West). Again I came 1st out of eight other dealers from different clubs around the NW. I got to the finals in coventry and eventually came 3rd out of five other dealers who each won their respective region. This highlights my ability to adapt and be competitive in what I do.

I am competitive by nature, so I always try my utmost to meet challenges head on and work past obstacles. When it comes to learning and programming I am no different, I like to think I can;

  1. Identify problems clearly
  2. Understand and solve complex problems
  3. Progress and implement what I know effectively

About my course

Computer Science BSc

Computer Science involves the study of;

How computers work

  • Hardware as an abstraction of the smaller and finer processes behind the scenes

How to make computers work for you

  • Using programming languages to exploit the huge computational power available to create useful Software


Qualification Subject Grade
A Level Mathematics B
A Level Chemistry B
A Level Physics C
GCSE Mathematics A
GCSE Double Science BB
GCSE English Lang C
GCSE English Lit C
GCSE Media Studies C
BTEC Level 3 Construction C
Functional Skills Mathematics Pass
Functional Skills IT Pass
Functional Skills English Pass