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Welcome to Magnatech International, Inc's website. For more than a century, Magnatech International has supplied the world with equipment for the industrial and hydraulic hose industry. Our commitment to quality control and cost efficiency allow us to meet your demands for faster and more efficient hose manufacturing systems. Customer service is our top priority. A state-of-the-art laboratory is available to demonstrate specific application requirements. We offer installation, technical services, and technical seminars to show how to properly maintain and operate machinery for maximum productivity.
Magnatech's hose reinforcing equipment can be found throughout the world producing hose for both big and small hose manufacturers. Our customers rely on our global presence and commitment to design and manufacture the highest quality manufacturing machines to provide their customers with the lowest cost and best performing hose.
RB-2™ Rotary Braider
MagnaWrapper Nylon
Tape Wrapper

BW-7-M Wire Bobbin Winder

17 East Meadow Avenue
Robesonia, PA 19551
Phone: 1-800-523-8193 (US only)
Phone: +1-610-693-8866
Fax: +1-610-693-8816
Via S. Francesco D'Assisi, 342/F
20047 Brugherio (MI) - Italy
Phone +39.039.2872424
Fax +39.039.2142810
E-Mail: (702) 990-1354
Magnatech News
This years Technical Seminar has successfully completed. Thank you to all who attended.
Below is a small list of topics that were covered.


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